Bevinism and Trumpism to a tee


AFT Local 1360

"If all of Gov. Bevin's trips on the state airplane are legit, why won't he release all of the flight logs?" a buddy of mine asked.

Ditto for The Donald and his phone calls to the Ukrainian leader. If the long distance gabfests were above board, why not let us hear them?

Oh, I almost forgot, If the governor and the president are innocent of financial fuzziness or funny business, why won't they show us their tax returns?

Bevin promised a "fresh start" when he was inaugurated going on four years ago. Trump said he'd "drain the swamp."

With airplanes and the Ukraine, it's the same old staleness and muck. It's also par for the course with Bevin and Trump.

Not surprisingly, they're a mutual admiration society. 

"What do I care about law? Ain't I got the power?" the old Robber Baron Cornelius Vanderbilt famously bragged.

I doubt Bevin or Trump would want to put that on one of their bumper stickers. But the Commodore's boast describes Bevinism and Trumpism to a tee.