Bevin's sellout


“We’re four years into the next 20, 40, 60 years. It will take that long to get what we truly want done,” said Matt Bevin during a recent bus tour through Calloway County.

But I have news for you. The truth is that it may take 20, 40, or 60 years to undo the damage that this governor and the Republican party are doing to the state.

First, Mutinous Matt's soliciting of preachers to take his backward agenda to congregations across the commonwealth is a blatant violation of the Johnson Amendment which prohibits tax exempt organizations from politicizing their activities.

Much has been written about this governor that disqualifies him:

1)       His purchase of his Anchorage mansion at half-price from a campaign donor, then appointing him to a board

2)      His filling of a government position with a buddy with a raise of $215,000--giving his buddy the highest salary at that position in the country

3)      His inability to unite the state and build bridges among the different interest groups who are all Kentuckians.

4)      He embraces the KOCH BROTHERS agenda of no-income taxes, higher sales taxes, elimination of Medicare expansion, then cuts, cuts in spending, plus support for for-profit charter schools, continued attacks on worker rights, and laws that attack people of color, LBGTQ people, and the poor.

5)    His embrace of Rusal, which has ties to Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska , to invest in an aluminum plant in Ashland, thus giving Russia an opening to infiltrate Kentucky politics.

6)    His use of a state airplane to fundraise for his re-election campaign. None of our business, he says!

According to the American Medical Association, the Bevin/Alvarado health care agenda would allow insurance companies to discriminate against people based on pre-existing health conditions. Many of us would be flagged for mental health issues, chronic disease treatment, maternity care, and prescription drug coverage.

Mr. Bevin has lobbied against an increase in the minimum wage, supported manufacture of “Round-Up” chemicals that harm young children’s brains and protects companies from fines for dumping toxins in our waterways--all Koch positions.

Lastly, Matt Bevin will employ a carbon copy of the Kansas Experiment that blew up the state’s economy.

Like a “good little kicking soldier” Bevin lauded both the national and state tax cuts that have not benefited the middle or working classes. These cuts endanger all our state programs just like the disaster in Kansas under Governor Brownback.

On his worst day, Andy Beshear will make a much better governor than Matt Bevin on his best day. We can’t take four more years of Matt Bevin.

While canvassing for Democratic candidates, I can’t tell you the number of people I've heard say, “I can’t vote for Matt Bevin." But my fear is that they will stay home. 

If the “Never Bevin” voters come out and vote for Andy Beshear, Kentucky will be able to start reversing Bevin's  backward-looking agenda.

This just in – Bevin claims that suicides occur on a nightly basis in casinos. Lie # 99!