From Bill Finn: Voters agreed with Trump

At the Trump Rally in Rupp Arena on Monday night, President Trump said of Gov. Matt Bevin, “he’s such a pain in the ass." Last night, Kentucky voters agreed and elected Andy Beshear instead.

Matt Bevin signed the "right to work" law and prevailing wage repeal in 2017. Other damaging labor legislation and executive orders followed. This was our first chance to respond to Bevin directly, and our members spoke loud and clear at the ballot box.

Governor-elect Beshear ran his campaign about our issues, middle class, working class issues, that affect our members in Kentucky every day.

Our unions, Working America, the Democratic Governors Association and Kentucky Family Values helped fund the Beshear campaign. The KFV strategy to focus their efforts on the ground in Louisville and Lexington clearly helped win the day when you check the numbers.

Thank you to each of you and your memberships for all your financial help, get-out-the-vote efforts and reminding our members that their voices will be heard. 

With Republican super-majorities in Kentucky’s House and Senate, our fights will continue. But now we will have a governor in office who will look out for Kentucky workers' families.

Thank you again,

Bill Finn

State Director, Kentucky State Building and Construction Trades Council