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Call the White House today and tomorrow and urge President Biden to save Medicare from Wall Street

Berry Craig
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Thanks to Kay Tillow of Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care, for sending us this.


CALL (202) 456-1111 MAY 10, 11, 12 FROM  11AM-3 PM ET


If you are not on Medicare, use this script:

President Biden, I am calling you today urging you to issue an executive order to protect the ability of seniors and people with disabilities to manage their own care in traditional Medicare by quickly eliminating the DCE/ACO-REACH pilot program.

Direct Contracting, now called ACO-REACH, was developed by the Trump administration to hand a beloved and trusted public program, traditional Medicare, to Wall Street investors. President Biden, you can stop this attempt to privatize Medicare by issuing an executive order ending ACO-REACH.

The future of seniors and people with disabilities is in your hands. Use the full authority of your office to protect seniors and people with disabilities.

Only you can stop DCE/ACO-REACH with a stroke of a pen.

Save Medicare from Wall Street. Stop DCE/ACO-REACH today!

Thank you.

If you are on Traditional Medicare, use this script:

I am a senior on traditional Medicare and I do not want to be assigned to, aligned with, or enrolled in an ACO/ REACH program. My doctor and I can manage my care without intrusion from a third party with financial interests that will deplete our Medicare Trust Fund. Keep the Medicare dollar for health care and don't use it for investor overhead and profit. 

President Biden, preserve my choice of traditional Medicare and stop this privatization that was started by Trump and his cronies. End the ACO/REACH program with an executive order.

 In case you missed the Health Equity webinar yesterday, here is the link, hot off the press:

Yesterday, 500 activists joined our "Health Equity or Private Equity" webinar. Four brilliant speakers debunked the myth that private, for-profit corporations, which created inequality in the first place, can ever be trusted to achieve health equity. Handing billions more to corporations will never achieve health, or any other kind of equity.

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Thank you for all you do!
Ana Malinow, MD

Further info on ACO REACH: