From Daily Kos: America's wealthy are no better at giving to charity than they are at paying fair tax rates


A major talking point of trickle-down economics, conservative "entitlement" reforms, and the fabulously wealthy themselves is that the government need not be in the business of helping the hungry, the sick, the poor, those that cannot afford an education or retirement or any of the rest of it because, fear not—charity will pick up the slack.

Indeed, wealthy Americans often opine that if they were taxed the same amount their families were taxed before St. Ronald Reagan broke their chains and the next half-century of federal budgets, well, that would be less money that they would have to give to charity. Why do you hate the photogenic orphans and chemo patients, you monsters?

You might be surprised, then, to learn that, just as has been the case throughout all of history, the fabulously wealthy do not actually tend to give all that much to charity. Look, there's a chart.

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