From Daily Kos: Let's dare to dream that Trump and Republicans get absolutely crushed in 2020


Here's your year-end reminder that absolutely no one knows how 2020 will shake out electorally, except that the election will clearly be a nail-biter for Democratic voters. No matter how many articles we read, polls we look at, and pundits we listen to—2016 is still too fresh. But as we brace for a year in which journalists are poised to both sides us to death while hunting down every last 2016 Trump voter who plans to vote for the orange menace all over again, let's keep in mind that there's actually three realms of possibility for 2020 outcomes. Right alongside the prospects of a narrow Trump reelection or a narrow Trump defeat, there's also a third option: Trump and the Republicans who enabled his crimes get absolutely ruined in 2020, delivering both the White House and the Senate to Democrats.

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