From Daily Kos: The Republican tax law is bringing in far less money than claimed—but it's not an accident


The New York Times is at its best when it delves into long-form journalism describing the behind-the-scenes of legislation, regulation, governance, science or so forth, stuff not premised on the anonymous grievances of "senior" officials who find it useful to leak to reporters arguments too ridiculous to say in public. The Times' look at the efficiency with which big U.S. corporations were able to extract a host of tax breaks from the Trump administration's "regulators" in the wake of the hastily scribbled-together 2017 Republican "tax cuts" is a good example of this. It has specific corporate names, specific lobbyist efforts, and the specific tweaks they won to undermine whatever pretense the Republican law had of "closing loopholes" or, more critically, meeting the revenue claims the Paul Ryans of the party blustered it would.

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