Early in-person voting is the best way to go


There are just 6 more days until Election Day, November 3rd!  

Folks can still put Absentee Ballots in the U.S. Mail but we have been warned about potential delays in mail service (no reflection on our dedicated USPS Union Employees – there is a plan from the very top to disrupt mail service prior to the election) which could jeopardize counting of Absentee Ballots that have been mailed.  So EARLY IN-PERSON VOTING is the best way to insure that votes are counted

If folks wait until Election Day to vote they are likely going to face long lines as well as the potential for disrupting forces being present at polling places.  According to Kentucky law a voter can notify their employer prior to Election Day of their intention to vote and they are entitled to four hours off to do so.  While we want folks to vote EARLY IN-PERSON those waiting until Election Day will have to cast their ballots during the usual time frame of 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and they should be prepared for long waits.