From Forward Kentucky: Grimes calls out election board for incorrect vote totals

EDITOR'S NOTE: We received this statement from the Kentucky Democratic Party: "When Senator Thayer’s bill to disrupt the State Board of Elections failed, and then he covertly attached it to legislation in the Senate, we knew it would harm Kentucky voters. Now, when Secretary Grimes points out the inaccuracies to protect Primary voters, it’s no surprise the Republican party runs to defend its politically motivated legislation. It’s truly a shame that the Republican party ignores election integrity – whether it’s Mitch McConnell refusing to receive briefings on foreign enemies interfering in our elections or Damon Thayer now trying to cover up inaccurate vote totals. Thank you, Secretary Grimes for protecting the integrity of our elections."


In a press conference on Thursday, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes called out the state Board of Elections for including incorrect vote totals in its final report, and for coming within minutes of certifying those results as official.

According to Grimes, she was a few minutes late to the meeting of the board on Tuesday, and when she arrived, the board was about to vote to certify the results. She brought with her a letter to the board outlining the errors her staff had found in the board’s report, and requested that the board delay certifying until the errors could be corrected.

In her letter to the board, Grimes said her staff had identified “over fifty possible errors spanning twenty counties. These potential errors affect every statewide race to be certified by the Board.”

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