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From Forward Kentucky: Mitch McConnell’s legacy: promoting himself, not Kentucky

Berry Craig
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Some have labeled McConnell a “leader.” A true leader has qualities that obviously don’t reside with the Senator. In fact, he could be more accurately described as “a wind sock,” someone who moves with whichever way the wind is blowing when those gusts work to his own advantage.

Written by Chuck Witt. Cross-posted from WinCity Voices.

So, Senator Mitch McConnell has announced that he will step down as the Republican leader in the Senate later this year, a position he has held for seventeen years. He has not, however, committed to leaving the Senate at the end of his present term in 2026 (more’s the pity).

And, of course, immediately after his announcement, the plaudits began to roll in, touting his long years of service and dedication, except from fellow Kentucky senator Rand Paul, whose comments seemed somewhat lukewarm about the abdication. That’s probably because McConnell and Paul have seldom seen eye-to-eye on virtually anything.

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