From Forward Kentucky: The R stands for Railroading


Once again, the Republican majority in Frankfort is railroading a bill through the legislature. And once again, their actions are the perfect example of back-room deals and strong-arm tactics, the public be damned.

This whole special session is obviously a setup between Matt Bevin, the Republican governor, and the Republican leadership in the House and Senate. Various Republicans indicated they knew days ago that this was coming. The resolutions and bills were prepared ahead of time, but not shared with the Democrats even when brought to the floor. David Osborne, the speaker-elect in the House, moved the bills from committee to committee in record time, saying “So ordered” without even taking votes. Robert Stivers in the Senate had his manueuvers held up for a moment by lack of a quorum, but soon was able to carry out his part of the charade.

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