From Forward Kentucky: Trump: the Great Prevaricator and Panjandrum of Porky Pies

EDITOR'S NOTE: See  also, "Trump has entered the lying stratosphere, says Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist," by Huffington Post's Mary Papenfuss.


President Donald Trump reminds veteran Bluegrass State journalist Bill Straub of an old Kentucky expression.

He’d rather climb up a tree and tell a lie,
than stand on the ground and tell the truth.

– Old Kentucky proverb

Straub ran The Kentucky Post’s Frankfort bureau before becoming Washington correspondent for the Kentucky and Cincinnati Posts. He retired as White House and political correspondent for Scripps-Howard News Service.

Trump: the Great Prevaricator

“I’ve never seen a politician who lies so brazenly [as Trump],” said Straub, who’s in the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame.

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