From Forward Kentucky: The War on Workers in Frankfort

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bruce Maples' Forward Kentucky is a progressive, union-friendly online newspaper based in Louisville. Click here to see the latest postings.

Cutting pension benefits. Cutting unemployment. Killing workers comp. Poverty-level minimum wage. Cutting education funding while increasing tuition. Wrecking Medicaid and Medicare, and destroying health care.

People who make a living through working, and not stocks, have been under attack for years, even decades. Productivity is up and up and up, and companies are rich and richer and richer – and yet none of this shows up the paychecks of everyday Americans.

It’s a #WarOnWorkersKY, and it’s time for us to call it what it is: an ongoing, blatant attempt to have working families make do with less and less, while the wealthy get more and more.

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