Gov. Bevin vetoes pension relief bill, says he'll call special session

The following is a statement from Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson, regarding the governor’s call for another costly special session:

Frankfort, KY — “Once again, Kentucky Republicans want to get paid extra for work they should have already done — costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.”

“Gov. Bevin’s administration appointed the KRS board that worked to spike pension obligations of state agencies, including the quasi-government agencies affected by the governor’s veto. This is a crisis of their own making and it will continue to cost Kentuckians.”

“Now, Bevin, who just last month said he wouldn’t call a special session, claims he will do just that. This $65K a day guessing game has to stop. Bevin isn’t just playing politics; he is playing with people’s pensions and their lives. ”


Louisville Courier-Journal

FRANKFORT — In a stunning move, Gov. Matt Bevin on Tuesday vetoed the bill giving regional universities, local health departments and other quasi-governmental agencies relief from the huge spike in pension costs they face July 1.

In his two-page message vetoing House Bill 358, Bevin said parts of the bill "violate both the moral and legal obligations we have" to Kentucky public retirees.

Some agencies that sought the bill — particularly many local health departments — warned that they would be forced to shut down if not given relief from the crushing new pension costs.

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