From The Guardian: Unions fight back against Kochs and allies since supreme court 'disaster'

Thanks to Liles Taylor for sending us this story in which the author quotes Bill Londrigan, Kentucky State AFL-CIO president.

Janus decision stopped unions collecting ‘fair-share fees’ but fresh organizing efforts mean many shops are on the up


After decades of trying, the Koch brothers and their allies won a major battle last year when the US supreme court stripped public sector unions of their ability to collect “fair-share fees” from non-union members.

Anti-union forces lobbied long and hard for such a decision. And experts predicted Janus v AFSCME could strip public sectors of a third of their revenues as millions stopped paying union dues for collective bargaining and other activities.

Seven months on from the decision, the picture is mixed. But there are signs that Janus may have served as a wake-up call, reinvigorating organizing campaigns and leading to gains for some unions.

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