Help protect our hard-fought gains

From #OurJCPS

A state takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools would effectively remove our control and shut the door on community input into our children’s education. It would also jeopardize the recent steps forward our district has taken under the direction of Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio.

For too long, JCPS fell short of meeting the needs of each of our students, particularly for our black and brown students. The district had not done enough to articulate its commitment to these students and has suffered in the past from poor management and organizational structures.

But we are making progress. This year, JCPS passed a historic racial equity policy aimed at addressing the longstanding inequities that have existed for our district’s students of color.

Dr. Pollio has also implemented new programs aimed at helping every student succeed in math and reading throughout JCPS. The district’s new digital backpack program will help educators quickly determine which students need additional resources and support in order to reach their full potential. It  will also help make sure that when students move to another grade or classroom, those needs aren’t forgotten.

And, Dr. Pollio has undertaken the task of reforming the district’s troubled early education program. Under Dr. Pollio’s direction, JCPS is streamlining Head Start programs and working to make sure that three and four-year-olds are able to count on early education programs that are focused on preparing them for kindergarten.

Our coalition is the first to acknowledge that JCPS has struggled to ensure that every student has access to the education that they deserve, but we also see that under this new superintendent and school board leadership, real improvements are being made.

Let’s be clear: this progress is being made because our community has a seat at the table, and Dr. Pollio hears and respects our voices.

A takeover threatens everything. Control of our schools would be taken out of our hands. Dr. Pollio would be forced to prioritize voices in Frankfort over voices in Louisville. We’ve worked too hard for our students to sit by and let the state takeover our schools.

There’s too much at risk for us to be silent. We need you to call the Kentucky State Board of Education and tell them they must oppose the takeover of #OurJCPS.