Homes and Hope offers rebuilding and repair help for tornado victims


Homes and Hope for Kentucky, with funds collected by Mayfield Rotary Foundation, will help people with repairs and even home replacement. I already know one person with minor damage that would be unable to replace a double pane window missing one pane and a few shingles as they wouldn't have money to meet a deductible.

" many of the services for this project are being donated, funds are needed to purchase building materials and pay for other construction costs.  Labor is being provided at NO COST by Mennonite Disaster Services and other qualified non-profit volunteer organizations."

To be eligible for the Homes and Hope for Kentucky program the applicant must meet the following


• The applicant must have lived in the impacted property prior to December of 2021.

• The applicant must own their home and possess a clear title. Ownership must not be contested. If you

were renting a property that was impacted by the tornado and your landlord is interested in gifting the

lot/land to you this could also be an option

• The applicant must own only one property and this property must have served as the homeowner’s

primary residence prior to the storm

• The applicant must demonstrate financial inability to afford a market-rate contractor or contractors to

repair or replace their tornado damaged home

• The applicant will work with the program to determine a reasonable, equitable client contribution to support the costs of the project

• The applicant must be able to sustain homeownership, which includes maintaining relevant insurance

such as tornado, where required and homeowner's insurance

• The applicant must be a willing and active partner in the rebuilding process