From The Huffington Post: Trump Has A Weird Scapegoat When Manufacturing Jobs Vanish: Union Dues

Trump said United Auto Workers union dues are too high now that a major GM plant is closing on his watch.


President Donald Trump has spent much of this week talking about the idling of General Motors’ Lordstown, Ohio, production plant, some four months after it made national news. Having promised no such plant would close on his watch, Trump turned to an unusual villain in a speech Wednesday: union dues.

Speaking to a crowd at a different manufacturing facility in Lima, Trump laid blame for the shuttering of Lordstown at the feet of the United Auto Workers union. The UAW has represented workers there for decades, and Trump has publicly attacked Dave Green, the president of the union’s Lordstown local.

“You’re paying too much dues,” Trump said to workers. “As an example, they [the UAW] could’ve kept General Motors. They could’ve kept it in that gorgeous plant at Lordstown. They could’ve kept it. Lower your dues. Lower your dues.” 

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