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HuffPost: Trader Joe’s Posts 'Anti-Union Propaganda' Ahead Of Election At Kentucky Store

Berry Craig
24 Jan, 2023
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From Tim Morris, executive director, Greater Louisville Central Labor Council:

TRADER JOE'S UNION BUSTING : No surprise. Ahead of tomorrow and Thursday's election at the Louisville Trader Joe's, management has posted anti union garbage propaganda in the break room. 

CALL TO ACTION : If you can stop by Trader Joe's over the next 2 days to let these workers know they have your support, please, please do so.  They need to know they're not alone in their fight.

The union Trader Joe's United has organized two stores and hopes to add a third in Louisville this week.


Workers at a Trader Joe’s store in Louisville will vote this week to determine whether they become the chain’s third store to form a union in less than a year. Trader Joe’s has told employees there it welcomes a fair election, but the company doesn’t sound thrilled with the prospect of another organized store.

A photo shared with HuffPost shows the Louisville location’s break room door filled with what the union supporter called “anti-union propaganda.” One flier offered scary-sounding “facts” about collective bargaining, warning that unions promise whatever they need to in order to secure votes.

“A union can trade away things that you might want,” it noted forebodingly.

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