From the KDP: After Calling Last-Minute More Than $60K Per Day Special Session, Where is Matt Bevin?

Kentucky Democratic Party

Kentucky New Era: “At $65,000 per day, this week-long spectacle appears to be one expensive political stunt.”

Frankfort, KY—Where is Matt Bevin? After calling a last-minute special session in Frankfort that is costing taxpayers over $60,000 per day, the governor is seemingly nowhere to be found. 

This is especially troubling, as Bevin’s controversial proclamation is already raising serious legal concerns that could put the special session in jeopardy. 

The Kentucky New Era said, “At $65,000 per day, this week-long spectacle appears to be one expensive political stunt,” while a separate report says the “special session off to rocky start.” 

Furthermore, at a Bevin administration press conference to respond to these concerns, the governor was MIA and instead trotted out his deputy chief of staff to backtrack the governor’s controversial actions. After initially issuing a narrow proclamation including specific legislative language, Bevin’s staffer backtracked by saying "there's nothing restricting the legislature's independence," according to the Associated Press

“Where is Matt Bevin? It appears he’s not in Frankfort doing his job,” said Marisa McNee, spokesperson for the Kentucky Democratic Party. “With pensions for Kentuckians on the line and taxpayers getting a bill for over $60,000 for every day of this special session, Matt Bevin has been nowhere to be found. This whole debacle is already just more of the same dysfunction Bevin has brought to Frankfort—the least he can do is show up.”