From the KDP: ICYMI: Conservatives blast McConnell on Fox News

Kentucky Democratic Party

Frankfort, KY—  On Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Executive Director of American Conservative Magazine, Johnny Burtka, blasted U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, openly mocking him for opposing President Donald Trump’s economic agenda.

The attack raises new questions about whether McConnell has trouble with his right flank heading into his 2020 election. In April, Leland Conway, blasted McConnell and called him a “chicken” for failing to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. This is the second time in 6-months McConnell has drawn fire from prominent conservative voices nationally and in Kentucky.

Here are Tucker Carlson’s comments:

“(Mocking) We’re not fans of tariffs. Imagine a more supercilious, out of touch, more infuriating response. Well you can’t, because there isn’t one. In other words, says Mitch McConnell, the idea may work in practice but we’re against it because in doesn’t work in theory. That’s the Republican Party 2019. No wonder they keep losing. They deserve it.

Johnny Burtka, executive director, The American Conservative magazine:

It’s not the party of Mitch McConnell, it’s the party of Abraham Lincoln.”

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