KDP looking for union members to run for office


AFT Local 1360

The Kentucky Democratic Party is looking for a few good union men and women.

Okay, more than a few.

"I want you to run for office," wrote Ben Self, the brand-new KDP chair, in an email he sent today. "If we don’t compete, we can’t win. Virginia showed us just last week that every seat can be competitive."

I spoke with him on the phone after I got the email. Self extended a special invitation to union members to toss hats in the ring. 

"I would absolutely especially encourage all of our union members to step up and take on the challenge of running for office," said Self, from Lexington. "If we don't compete everywhere, we can't win. People who are running for office need to reflect the true values, the true face, of the Democratic party, and to me that obviously includes all our folks who are in different unions."

Interested? Click on this link: Sign up to take that first step in running for office.  

Okay, if you don't want to run, agree to step two: "You can commit to volunteer to help someone who had the audacity to click on that link above and consider putting their name forward. Think about the hundreds of like-minded Kentuckians, some even in your town, who are right now thinking about taking the leap. I’m committed to doing everything I can to help them. I hope you’ll help, too."