From the KDP: Matt Bevin Facing Even More Pressure for Refusing to Disclose Details about Secretive Flights on State Plane


Frankfort, Ky. - Over the weekend, Matt Bevin continued to face even more pressure and scrutiny for taking secretive flights around the country on a taxpayer-funded state plane: 

Associated Press: “Matt Bevin has run into turbulence over his use of taxpayer-owned aircraft, creating another distraction for a reelection campaign already dogged by feuds with teachers, struggles over state pensions and a legal fight with his lieutenant governor.”

Louisville Courier-Journal: “But the list leaves out at least 20 flights this year in which he used the aircraft to attend political or campaign-related events or used it for reasons that are still unknown to taxpayers.”  

Conservative radio host Leland Conway: “Reminder, Governor Bevin: You work for us; it’s a state-owned plane. Answer the damn question. I don’t think the governor’s up to anything nefarious here. Don’t lecture the taxpayers. Stop being the state dad. ...Talk with us, don’t lecture us.” 

State Journal Editorial Board: “His questioning of why the purpose of his trips on the state plane matter to KENTUCKY DEMOCRATIC PARTY

Kentuckians seems to have only dug himself a deeper hole just a few months out from the November election.” 

Lexington Herald-Leader’s Jack Brammer: “I think he hurt himself when he told the Bowling Green newspaper, the Daily News, that taxpayers… ‘it’s none of their business.’ And I thought that was a bad mistake…”

 Louisville Courier-Journal’s Phillip Bailey: “There still is a question of the governor when he uses the plane for campaign events or for personal reasons, which he’s admitted he does.”  

 WFPL: “...he didn’t say when he used it for personal reasons.”  

Al Cross: “But I was glad to hear talk-show host Leland Conway of WHAS Radio agree Thursday, saying Bevin should fess up — not just because he has an obligation, but because it’s hurting his campaign.”