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KDP: New Interview Shows Cameron Lied Five Times About Breonna Taylor Grand Jury decision

Berry Craig
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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed Greg Stumbo for attorney general.By KENNY COLSTONKentucky Democratic PartyFrankfort, KY In an interview with Louisville TV station WDRB, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is now admitting that his office never presented any charges against two of the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death, after initially telling reporters five times last week that the grand jury had made such decisions themselves. 

In his press conference announcing the decision last week, Cameron told reporters at least five times that the grand jury made the decision to not indict the other officers in the case, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, when in fact he never presented such an option to the grand jury. 

Now, Cameron is delaying the release of the grand jury recordings.

In light of Cameron’s lies to the family of Breonna Taylor and the public as a whole, the Kentucky Democratic Party is calling on Cameron to release the grand jury recordings to the public as soon as possible, and to apologize for lying to his constituents. 

“Daniel Cameron has broken the public’s trust at this point and needs to release those grand jury recordings as soon as possible. And if Daniel Cameron cannot bring himself to be honest with the people of Kentucky he should start looking for a new job because Kentucky deserves better,” Marisa McNee, Kentucky Democratic Party spokesperson, said. 

Using the live feed provided by Cameron’s office here is every instance of Cameron lying about the grand jury investigation. 

During his opening monologue:
(Starts around 31 min mark)  “Our investigation showed and the grand jury agreed that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in their return of deadly fire after having been fired upon by Kenneth Walker.” 

In response to a reporter’s question about the grand jury decision:
(Question off camera 39 min mark:) "basically what you're saying today is the grand jury found none of the officers involved are directly responsible for Breonna Taylor's death

Cameron’s response: “...the grand jury was given all of the evidence, presented all of the information and ultimately made the determination that Detective Hankinson was the one to be indicted."

In response to whether Cameron’s prosecutors made recommendations:
(Off camera question 41 min mark): "Did your special prosecutors make a recommendation to the grand jury."

Cameron: "Grand jury proceedings are secret so I'm not going to get into specifics of the details of that proceeding. What I will say is that we presented all the information and they ultimately made a determination about whether to charge. In this instance they decided to indict Detective Hankinson."

In response to whether the grand jury considered homicide or other charges:
(51 min mark off question off camera): "Did the grand jury ever consider the charges of manslaughter or reckless homicide and if not can you please explain why and do you anticipate any other charges in this case?"

Cameron: ".... our team walked them through every homicide offense and also presented all of the information that was available to the grand jury and then the grand jury was ultimately the one who made the decision about indicting Detective Hankinson for wanton endangerment."

In response to whether charges against Mattingly and Cosgrove were ever presented:
(55 min mark off camera question): "....were they presented with any charges against Mattingly and Cosgrove."

Cameron: "....what I will say is they were walked through all of the homicide offenses and with that information and with the information and facts that were provided to them that we uncovered in our investigation, they made the determination that Detective Hankinson was the one that needed to be indicted here."

To view a video of two of these instances and his WDRB interview response, click here.
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