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From the Kentucky Democratic Party: Need to vote absentee?

Berry Craig
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It’s a big day! The online portal to request an excused, mail-in absentee ballot just opened today. And that means the very first ballots will begin arriving in mailboxes soon.


REMINDER: Excused, mail-in absentee voting is only for voters who are unable to vote in-person anytime on or before Election Day.


Are you a student or servicemember who can’t make it home to vote? Is disability, age, or illness going to keep you from heading to the polls? These are just a few of the reasons why excused, mail-in absentee voting might be the right option for you – check the full criteria here.


If you qualify, request your ballot and exercise your right to vote:


Have friends or family who may qualify? Share this portal link with them – if they meet the criteria, make sure they don’t miss their chance to vote.


The online portal closes October 24, but don’t wait — whatever voting option is the right one for you, take action now to make your voice heard. We can’t sit this one out. 



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