From the Kentucky Public Pension Coalition: tell Your Legislators: Freeze the Rates!

Thanks to Liles Taylor for sending us this.

Governor Bevin called a special session beginning this Friday to address the spiking contribution rates for Kentucky’s quasi-governmental agencies. The legislation proposed by Governor Bevin pushes employers to illegally break their inviolable contract with current employees and irresponsibly incentivizes a defined contribution choice for newly hired quasi-government employees, which will only harm the overall funding of the Kentucky Retirement Systems. Other alternatives exist and should be explored. Our message to lawmakers is simple: freeze the rates! These agencies need a rate freeze, not partisan politics that undermine retirement security for public employees.

Click below to tell your lawmakers to keep it simple and freeze the rates. The Governor’s proposed legislation is illegal, irresponsible and risky - it will only further erode the retirement security for public employees. Successful passage of this illegal bill will open the door to attacks on everyone’s rights under the inviolable contract.