From LA Progressive: To Brits, Trump Makes Dubya Look Smart

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Louisville-born Baltimorian Rev. John E. Roberts, an Atherton High grad, for emailing us this after Andy Beshear's victory last night. "The sun is shining a bit brighter today in our Old Kentucky Home!" he also emailed. 


Sometimes even those of us who take great pride in our writings come across pieces that inspire us to be more elegant, more precise, just more literate. I have a fondness for the King’s English and once had an editor, a woman in her late 70’s and very, very English ask me why I wrote as though I were writing in the 19th century? I, of course, not missing a beat replied that I thought that was the ultimate compliment. She vehemently disagreed. Oh well, to each their own.

But just a while ago I came across the accompanying article that I found to be so profoundly poignant yet humorous that it led me to one of those moments where my only reaction was the proverbial “I wish I had said that.” So I would like to share it with those who may not have been introduced to such witty repartee as they perused their daily dose of Facebook.

So with no further suspense I would like to offer the following, which appeared on February 11, 2019, on the internet site, for your reading pleasure.

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