From the Lexington Herald-Leader: Matt Bevin concedes Kentucky governor race. ‘We’re going to have a change.’


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin conceded the race for governor Thursday, ending more than a week of speculation over whether he would contest the results of the Nov. 5 election, which he narrowly lost to Democrat Andy Beshear.

Bevin’s announcement came after a statewide recanvass showed minimal changes in election totals. Beshear won by less than 0.5 percentage points.

“We’re going to have a change in the governorship based on the vote of the people,” Bevin said in a news conference in front of the governor’s office. “What I want is to see the absolute best for Kentucky. I’m not going to contest these numbers that have come in. It isn’t fair to throw that on the legislature to find something that just isn’t.”

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