From The Louisville Courier-Journal: Matt Bevin and henchman Wayne Lewis think Kentuckians are stupid


At the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, I wrote a column arguing that both Trump and Kentucky Gov. Matthew Bevin were bullies. One passage read, “bullies don’t leave you alone because you cower. They pick on you more. Bullies terrorize you. They stalk you. They punch you in the face, take your lunch money and ask, 'What are you gonna do about it?' They have no moral compass and always come back for more. They cannot be talked down; they have to be beaten back.” Two years later, my analysis holds and the Bevin horde’s continuing assault on Kentucky’s teachers proves it.

In 2017, I also said of Bevin, he “is the Donald Trump of the Bluegrass. Like the president, Bevin doesn’t seem to know where the power of an American political executive ends. He claims dominion over the state’s institutions of higher education and threatens academic freedom.

He assails unions, the press, women’s rights to control their own bodies and access to health care for many of the state’s poorest citizens. He petulantly launches ad hominem attacks on anyone who opposes him and does it all while proclaiming he is acting in the best interest of Kentucky’s citizens.”

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