'Masked and Mad as Hell' rally set for Monday in Lexington


AFT Local 1360

The Mitch McConnell Retirement Committee didn't mince words in naming its Monday afternoon protest in Lexington: "Masked and Mad as Hell, pro-HEROES, Anti-Mitch Rally."

"We’re focusing on everyone Mitch has abandoned by failing to lead and pass the HEROES Act - so we'd love for union members to attend and speak out," said Aaron Viles, MMRC chair.

Viles promised that all present will be masked and will practice social distancing. He encouraged everyone to bring his or her own mask 

The rally starts at 5 p.m. along Harrodsburg Road across from the building at 771 Corporate Dr., which houses McConnell's office. (Viles thinks "Corporate Drive" is appropriately named for digs occupied by staffers for Kentucky's senior senator.)

Democrat Amy McGrath is challenging McConnell, who is seeking a seventh term.

"At 6:15 p.m., the crowd will march from Harrodsburg Road to the parking lot of the office building and go live from the MMRC Facebook page," Viles said. "We'll set up a PA system and will have people speaking."

He urged, "bring your protest signs, masks and voices for shouting. We'd like to have enough folks attending to 'socially-distance surround' his office."