McGrath Confirms Two Debates, Challenges McConnell and Barron to Join

McGrath plans to announce participation in third debate in coming weeks

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath announced today two of the three debates/forums she will participate in to reach Kentuckians from across the commonwealth.

McGrath is inviting Sen. Mitch McConnell and Libertarian candidate Brad Barron to join her.

“When making decisions about how we run our campaigns, we should be thoughtful about being inclusive, and we should make sure we reach all Kentuckians who are having to dig out from the worst economic and health crisis in a century,” McGrath said. “We need to be forward thinking with each of these debates and forums and not simply rely on the status quo to reach voters, when the status quo clearly isn’t working for them.”

McGrath said the debates/forums she has agreed to go beyond the traditional TV format and include digital streaming on social media platforms like Facebook Live.

McGrath is excited to participate in the following debates/forums: 

  • WDRB-TV Senate Candidate Debate in mid-September, early October. Moderated by Lawrence Smith. WDRB, a Fox-affiliate, extended invitations to McGrath, McConnell and Barron. 

  • KET Kentucky Tonight Forum on Oct. 26 hosted by Renee Shaw. KET announced today it would be extending invitations to the qualifying candidates: McGrath, McConnell and Barron. 

McGrath said her team is working with other media outlets and advocacy groups before making a final decision on her third debate/forum. Last week, McGrath challenged McConnell and Barron to three debates.