McGrath: McConnell Is Delusional if He Doesn’t Think We Need More Significant Action

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Upon the release of the GDP numbers that showed the worst drop ever in one quarter for the United States economy, retired Marine Lt. Col. Amy McGrath called on Mitch McConnell to commit to taking much more significant action to help the economy and Kentuckians. 

“Mitch is trying to do as little as possible for Americans to help during this time. Now we know that we had arguably the worst economic quarter in our country’s history over the last several months. Not doing more to help would be delusional,” said McGrath who is running for the U.S. Senate against the unpopular McConnell. 

McGrath said that it was an absolute necessity to provide significant aid to state and local governments and to continue the federal unemployment insurance bonus of $600.

“The number that came out today just captures what we’ve all known: people are hurting right now,” McGrath said. “Here in Kentucky, over 50% of our workers have filed for unemployment at some point during this crisis, and over 220,000 Kentuckians are at risk of being evicted. It’s criminal their Senator is not doing more to help them.”

McGrath also pointed out that during the Great Recession, state aid appears to have been the most effective tool for creating an economic bounceback. 

“We know what works. Mitch just refuses to do it because he is more concerned with special interests and his donors than with Kentuckians,” she said.