The Misadventures of Moscow Mitch: McGrath campaign: McConnell Calls in Extremist Group to Smear McGrath

Project Veritas aids McConnell in the U.S. Senate race, trespasses on private property

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Project Veritas, an extremist group known to use unethical tactics to present misleading claims about political candidates, has stepped into the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky to aid Sen. Mitch McConnell in his smear campaign against retired Lt. Col. Amy McGrath. McConnell is running in a tight race against McGrath. 

“McConnell is up to his dirty tricks again,” said Dan Kanninen, McGrath’s campaign manager. “Project Veritas is a New York-based activist group that routinely interjects in the closest races using whatever tactics necessary, including lying and harassment, in an attempt to mislead voters. Clearly McConnell is worried if he’s stooping so low as to call in Project Veritas.” 

These are the same tactics McConnell and Project Veritas used in 2014 in his race, resulting in advertisements that failed fact checks.  

The attacks used by Project Veritas against McGrath, her family and her campaign staff today include trespassing at her family members’ home and harassing staff members while falsely claiming to be members of the press.