The Misadventures of Moscow Mitch: Newsweek: As Second Stimulus Checks Stall, Mitch McConnell's Approval Rating Drops


Recent polling data points shows Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) approval rating in decline as Democratic and Republican lawmakers struggle reach a deal on another stimulus package.

McConnell, who has led the Senate GOP Party through negotiations about what will be included in the next round of coronavirus relief legislation, is running for reelection in Kentucky this November. He is the longest-serving U.S. senator for Kentucky, initially elected to office in 1984. McConnell is campaigning against Democratic challenger Amy McGrath in his pursuit of a seventh senatorial term.

Polling data published by The Economist and YouGov at the end of July showed most individuals surveyed held an unfavorable opinion of McConnell. The survey included responses by 1,500 American adults between July 26 and July 28 amid stalled stimulus debates.

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