Paducah canvass is Saturday morning

CANVASS SET FOR Saturday 10:00 AM, STARTING AT THE Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Council HALL, 1202 S. 4th Street

This is it. Election Day is next Tuesday. Our families have so much riding on this election. Make no mistake, this election will impact every working family, including yours.

We can either keep going backwards with our current governor. Keep going with the name calling. The lies. The attacks on the hardworking men and women who wake up every day and make this a great Commonwealth.

Or, we can move forward with Andy Beshear. Throughout this campaign, Andy has put out detailed plans on how he will make Kentucky better – not just for the rich and well connected but for families like ours.

It may not seem like a lot, but knocking on the doors of a few fellow union households, reminding them of the election and asking them, one union family to another, to vote for Andy Beshear can make a difference. The difference between winning and losing next Tuesday.