From Payday Report: In Kentucky, Families Pack the Picket Line on Saturday Night

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY – “Eww that keeping you going tonite,” says GM striker Nancy Childress as her elementary-school-age son grabs a double-chocolate donut and runs back out to the picket line to blast the siren of a broken megaphone. 

Not only did Childress’ son show up, but so did her husband, her two daughters as well as their friends, who work at the local unionized Meijer grocery store. 

“We came out last night, and they wanted to come out again tonight,” says Nancy, a fourth-generation UAW-GM worker. “I had been working at the union hall today when [my daughters] had been at work and when my daughters got off work, they were like ‘we wanna go back out to picket line.’ That’s family fun – you can’t turn that down”. 

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