Share your ideas with the Kentucky Democratic Party


Kentucky Democratic Party chair

When I’ve talked to folks over the last week about being elected chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party, the first question I am often asked is,  “What are your ideas for the party?”

And while I’m usually happy to share my ideas on how we can make the KDP stronger, I’m always much more excited to turn the question around and ask the person for their ideas. That’s really where many of the best ideas originate — from Democrats all across the state.

As chair, I don’t think it’s my job to have all the good ideas. Instead, I believe it’s my job to listen to all of these great ideas from others and make sure we move forward on the best ones.

Will you share with me your ideas for the Kentucky Democratic Party?

You don’t have to be an expert in politics or policy to have a great idea.  We’ve heard tons of good ideas already.

Some are very simple to achieve and others are so complex it's hard to figure out where to even start on them.  Some ideas have to do with winning elections and some just have to do with the headquarters building or the website. 

Of course, there are always more ideas than time and money. So, we’re particularly looking for folks who have both ideas along with the time or the money to help make them a reality. But if you can't, no worries - we want to hear from you anyway.

Click here to submit your idea and tell us if you can help make it become a reality.

No idea is too small or too simple —we need them all.

Be sure and share this link to all your favorite sites and with all the grassroots groups you can.

We’re looking for as many ideas as possible, and want to reach beyond our normal channels. And again, no idea is too small. Submit one today.