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Sign the BCTGM petition in support of Julie Su for Labor Secretary

Berry Craig
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Julie Su is the most qualified candidate to be Secretary of Labor and best choice to advance President Joe Biden’s agenda for an inclusive economy.

Su is a nationally recognized expert on workers’ rights and civil rights who has dedicated her distinguished legal career to advancing justice on behalf of poor and disenfranchised communities.
In her 17 years as a civil rights lawyer, Su brought landmark lawsuits in coalitions representing African American, Latino, Asian American, and LGBTQ communities.

To her core, Su is an advocate for working people. It’s her life’s work. She has a long record of standing with workers and a deep understanding of the issues we face.

From her beginnings protecting immigrants and other vulnerable workers to fiercely combating wage theft and the abuse of low-wage workers in California to her leadership of the Department of Labor with then-Secretary Marty Walsh, Su has distinguished herself as a principled fighter for the basic rights of every worker, no matter where we’re from or what kind of work we do.

Su is viewed with deep respect by unions, and she’s also very approachable and interested in improving the economy for workers.

At this pivotal moment in history, that’s precisely the leadership America’s working people need in our next secretary of labor.

Julie Su stands up for dignity, safety on the job and fair pay for all working families including immigrant and marginalized communities. The Senate must confirm her as the Secretary of Labor. Stand with all of labor by signing this petition