Sign a card thanking our teachers

From Jacqueline Coleman:

As an educator, I know what it’s like to have to stand up to Matt Bevin’s bullying. He’s attacked teachers, called us names, diminished our profession and tried to illegally cut our pensions.

That’s going to change this November. Bevin’s war on public education will end. Andy and I released our “Stop the Bullying, Raise the Pay” plan to increase teacher salaries because the people at the frontlines of educating our kids shouldn’t have to be working two jobs just to cover the rent.

This new plan is for every teacher who pulls me aside at an event to say how nice it is to feel respected again because of Andy’s leadership after four years of the Bevin administration’s dismissiveness and disregard.

I’m asking you to join us during this back to school period and sign a card letting teachers know how much they are appreciated. I can say firsthand that it really means a lot to us to see such an outpouring of support.

As teachers, we get to school early, stay late and use our own money to buy school supplies for our kids. Only to have our current governor call us “selfish” and accuse us of having a “thug mentality.”

Take a quick minute to sign a card thanking our educators for their hard work.


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