A statement from the Kentucky Education Association


Kentucky Education Association

Governor Andy Beshear showed that he is the right leader at the right time, willing to make hard decisions for the greater good.  This decision will save the lives of students, educators, parents and grandparents. His decision to use his executive authority to close all middle and high schools to in-person learning through January, with the possibility of some elementary schools opening to students again on December 7, is a dramatic step, but certainly, it is a step that will save lives.

By every available measure, the recent growth of coronavirus infections in Kentucky is alarming and presents a clear and present danger to the entire state.  Turning this situation around will take each of us – all of us – working together for the collective good.  It is a test of our spirits, but it is also a test of our empathy and our humanity.

Every student, every educator, and every parent in Kentucky has had their life turned upside down by the coronavirus.  No one wants any of this, but we cannot simply ignore it; it will not magically disappear.  The only thing that will change the situation and get our children back in school, back on the playing field, and back to normal is if every single Kentuckian does what is required to protect themselves and their loved ones.  Wear a mask; wash your hands; stay home whenever possible; limit non-essential activities; and limit your contact with people outside your household.  In the absence of a critical mass of people willing to voluntarily make those sacrifices over the last few months, the Governor had no choice but to act.