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Stevenson kicks off her campaign with fund-raising email

Berry Craig
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AFT Local 1360

In a fund-raising email, Pamela Stevenson, the Democrat running for attorney general, said she's "stepping out to serve families across Kentucky...stepping out to serve all rural and urban communities" and "stepping out to serve YOU."

Unanimously endorsed by the Kentucky State AFL-CIO, Stevenson, a retired Air Force colonel, serves in the state House of Representatives from the 43rd District, which encompasses parts of west Louisville.  

Stevenson, who is an experienced attorney at the federal level, has no opposition in the May Democratic primary. The primary filing deadline was Jan. 6. 

"My team, Stephon, Rebecca, Beth, Emalee, and Will, is strong and engaged," she said in the fund-raising email. "We are thankful for your partnership in our effort to restore balance in government by electing a real people's lawyer. If you can chip in $10, $25, $50, $100, or any amount that works for you and your budget, it will go a long way toward helping us achieve the Kentucky we all deserve."

The state AFL-CIO nod was based on Stevenson's "strong support of Kentucky's hard-working men and women" plus her "commitment of continued support for the Kentucky State AFL-CIO and its affiliated unions."