From the Stumbo for AG campaign: big example of how our attorney general can matter:

To me, a public servant has a simple definition: see a wrong, right it.

Want a specific example of that when it comes to Kentucky's attorney general? Because I've got a big one.

Back when I served as your attorney general for the first time, I discovered that victims of rape and sexual assault were required to pay for their own STD testing.

A heinous crime has happened. And when survivors had the courage to come forward, Kentucky law told them that our compassion only runs so deep.

I changed that, Berry. I made it right.

With a simple attorney general's opinion, I authorized fuller and better medical coverage for victims of rape and sexual assault.

See a wrong. Fix it.

That's what it means to be a public servant, and it's why I'm looking to be your attorney general.

The race is coming down to the wire. My opponent is backed by big pharmaceutical companies and Washington D.C. insiders. Donate today and help me close this out.

For Kentucky. For our families.