From the Stumbo for AG campaign: None of our communities they've destroyed is an accident.

Last month, Kentucky courts finally unsealed records that revealed some of the manipulative, predatory tactics that one opioid manufacturer, Janssen, used to attack our state.

They lied about the addictive nature of opioids, knowing full-well what hell they would unleash.

They trained their sales representatives to overcome "obstacles," or plainly put, to lie to our doctors about their side effects.

And if they faced resistance, they called our doctors as many times as they could to wear them down, continuing to pump lie after lie, communities be damned, to line their pockets.

These records show what I knew when I started this fight 10 years ago as the first Attorney General to sue the opioid industry: these companies have no shame when it comes to raking in profits, that no Kentucky community they've destroyed is an accident.

We've seen how they have torn apart hard-working, proud Kentuckians.

We know they won't stop until every cent has been wrangled from our commonwealth, lives be damned.

And my opponent? He's the opioid companies handpicked candidate.

As a registered lobbyist for Purdue Pharma, he makes tons of money telling people Big Pharma's behavior is just fine.

This election is a big choice. It's either someone who will fight this epidemic, or someone who will look to make a quick buck off of it.

Stand with the fighter for Kentucky today. Your grassroots support can make Big Pharma pay.

We cannot have him in charge of holding these crooks accountable. You don't let the inmates run the asylum.

I started this fight against Big Pharma over ten years ago. And I am chomping at the bit to finish it.

I swear by you, here and now, that if you do me the honor of sending me to Frankfort as your attorney general, I will fight every single day to make these wrongdoers pay for their actions.

This race is down to the wire. Please chip in $18 today to bring real change to Kentucky.