From the Stumbo for AG campaign: Stumbo releases new ad "Shelby", putting people over politics

LEXINGTON, KY, October 25, 2019—While Daniel Cameron continues running his false, racist attack ads, filled with lie after lie to hide the fact he has never prosecuted a case or defended a client in court, Greg Stumbo launched his third ad today, titled “Shelby.” In the ad, a mother and her daughter, Shelby take center stage making a case for why medical marijuana is a vital issue to so many. Shelby and her mother are just two of many Kentuckians across this state that would benefit from medical marijuana in ways that are life changing.

“Medical marijuana wouldn’t just give Shelby more comfort, it would allow her to live life more fully.  It isn’t a political issue. It is a moral one,” says Shelby’s mother in the ad. As a long-time advocate and supporter of medical marijuana legalization, Greg Stumbo sees this issue as vitally important to the state in many ways.

“Medical marijuana has benefits for kids like Shelby and more,” says Stumbo. “We’ve seen in states struggling with the opioid crisis that overdose rates drop by up to 30% when medical marijuana is legalized. Medical marijuana can and should be another tool in the toolbox to address this epidemic and I fully support it.” These numbers are from preliminary studies done by institutions such as Johns Hopkins who have been tracking the use of medical marijuana in a variety of health outcomes.

Medical marijuana has also been studied and proven to be an option for those with PTSD, particularly helping military veterans when they return home. Reductions in suicide rates and increased ability to participate in daily activities are among possible , making medical marijuana a tool to use in helping our military veterans lead fuller lives after they served to protect and defend our great nation – something we sorely owe to them.

“If we can legalize something that eases the pain and suffering of Kentuckians, often with fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals, then we should. It’s that simple. I will continue to be a leader on this matter and include medical marijuana legalization as an issue I actively advocate for to the General Assembly.”

The ad titled “Shelby” can be viewed here: