There's still time to join Team McGrath


AFT Local 1360

I’ve been voting since 1968.

But no campaign has more often or more personally sought my ballot than the Amy McGrath for Senate outfit.

McGrath is the Kentucky State AFL-CIO-endorsed Marine jet pilot who wants McConnell’s job.

So far, Team McGrath has mailed me a hand-written post card, sent me two text messages, and phoned me thrice—real calls, not robo-calls.

Not surprisingly, McConnell is sticking to his old campaign playbook. He’s spending a bundle on ads and mailers that slime his opponent with half-truths and flat lies, and he’s shamelessly pandering to prejudice. McConnell figures the low road is the surest route to a seventh term.

Anyway, if McGrath loses, it won’t be because she got outworked--or outsmarted in figuring how to keep politics personal in the midst of necessary social distancing in the deadliest disease pandemic in more than a century. 

Meanwhile, it's not too late to join Team McGrath. We got this from Charles Uffelman, a McGrath staffer based in Paducah:

"You can sign up to make calls here. Sign up through election day. 

"It’s fun, easy, and important. Calling is the single most important thing you can do between now and Election Day. We have to get information to Kentuckians about how to vote with these new methods. Sign up for call shifts and get your friends signed up too. 

"You can sign up to join our strategy mcmeeting on Thursday night. 

"We will be joined by a special guest who will help us plan our get out the vote efforts. 

"You can invite others by sending them these links. Help us grow this team by getting others involved."