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United Mine Workers Of America And Major Coal Operators Both Support Andy Beshear For Reelection

Berry Craig
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Today, major coal operators in Kentucky and United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) expressed their support for the reelection of Governor Andy Beshear. 
“Andy Beshear is a governor who is always there for coal country,” said UMWA District 12 Vice President Steve Earle. “He's focused on creating jobs, bringing us together and helping us to rebuild after some of our toughest years. We are proud to endorse Andy Beshear's reelection campaign because he looks out for our needs and people and we know he'll keep delivering for us in the next four years.”
“The incredible economic success under Governor Beshear is beneficial to the coal industry and we cannot risk losing this leader,” said Todd Case, president of North Star Mining. “I know Andy personally and he is a good man who cares about eastern Kentucky and we need to keep him in the governor’s office.
“Governor Andy Beshear understands that the coal industry creates good jobs for the people of eastern and western Kentucky,” said Chris Adkins, President of Clintwood JOD. “He is bringing economic growth to every region of our state so that every community can thrive. We appreciate his support and we enthusiastically support him."
“As a person who has been in the coal industry for many years, I know that the economy under Governor Beshear is the strongest I’ve seen,” said Jim Booth, who has decades in the coal industry. “I know that this governor has our backs. He is focused on supporting our region and bringing the kind of good jobs that make it possible to raise a family and get ahead. He shows up and puts in the work and cares deeply about our region.”
“Under Governor Beshear’s leadership, Kentucky is experiencing unprecedented economic growth and that means opportunity and jobs for our workers,” said Richard Liperote, President of B&W Coal. “We know that he’s with us and we need to keep him in the governor’s office and I’m proud to support him for reelection.”
“I am honored to receive the support of workers and industry leaders alike in Kentucky’s coal country,” said Gov. Andy Beshear. “My administration has worked hard to be an advocate for the men and women who work in our coal industry that not only powers Kentucky, but our entire country. We will keep the promise of economic growth and good-paying jobs for those who helped build our nation and the strongest middle class in history. I am proud to stand with the United Mine Workers of America and coal operators in our Commonwealth to keep Kentucky moving forward and protect the livelihoods of thousands of hard-working Kentuckians.”