'A very clear contrast on issues'


AFT Local 1360

Gov. Matt Bevin told the truth when he said his race for reelection will feature "a very clear contrast on issues."

Nowhere will the contrast be clearer than on union issues. 

Bevin fended off a strong challenge from state Rep. Robert Goforth in the GOP primary. In the Democratic primary, Beshear, the outgoing attorney general, finished ahead of House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins and former auditor Adam Edelen.

Bevin is one of the most anti-union governors in Kentucky history. Few, if any,  state lawmakers are more anti-union than his running mate, Sen. Ralph Alvarado.

When Bevin campaigned for governor four years ago, he declared holy war on organized labor. He touted a “right to work” law and a measure to repeal the prevailing wage.

He got both after the Republicans flipped the Democratic House in 2016. The GOP super-majority legislature passed a RTW law and a measuring repealing PW at warp speed in 2017. Bevin gleefully signed the legislation.

Nobody in the legislature was more gung-ho for the union-busting bills than Alvarado. His votes landed him on the Steelworkers District 8 "Wall of Shame" banner with most other House and Senate Republicans.  

Bevin wasn't through. He turned the Labor Cabinet into the Anti-Labor Cabinet; he wants to axe it and merge it with the Public Protection Cabinet.

In addition, Bevin and his allies in the General Assembly--including Alvarado--have gone after the state workers compensation, unemployment insurance and worker safety and health programs. The corporate bosses' wish is their command.

Bevin and Alvarado never met a union-busting bill they didn't love. Theirs is a long and well-documented record of sticking up for the bosses and sticking it to working stiffs.

On the other hand, the Beshear-Jacqueline Coleman team wants to repeal RTW and restore PW. They want strong, properly-funded workers comp, UI and state OHS programs. Beshear promises to name a union member as labor secretary.

The contrast could hardly be clearer. If you value your good union job, it's Beshear-Coleman, hands down. 

If you believe government has a responsibility to help people who need help, vote Beshear-Coleman.

If you think workers are entitled to meaningful jobless benefits if they get laid off through no fault of their own, vote Beshear-Coleman. If you think working people deserve a safe and healthy workplace, vote Beshear-Coleman.

If you think the Labor Cabinet ought to represent you, vote Beshear-Coleman. 

You're going to hear this from us a lot as we head toward Nov. 5: Vote like your job and your union depend on it, because they do.