'We're all playing on the same team'


AFT Local 1360

Andy Beshear is out today with a fund-raising email that starts with praise for Rocky Adkins and Adam Edelen, the two Democrats he bested in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary. 

Adkins, the House minority leader; and Edelen, a former auditor, announced their support for Beshear on election night.

In the email, Beshear, the outgoing attorney general, thanked them "for their commitment to support our campaign and work to unify the party in coming weeks. We're all playing for the same team, and I'm grateful to have them fighting by my side."

Yesterday, the Kentucky State AFL-CIO endorsed the whole Democratic ticket. Beshear's running mate is Jaqueline Coleman.

"And we have some other great candidates on the ballot -- Greg Stumbo for Attorney General,  Heather French Henry for Secretary of State, Sheri Donahue for Auditor, Michael Bowman for Treasurer, and Robert Conway for Agriculture Commissioner. Jacqueline and I are excited to have them fighting alongside us this fall," Beshear also said in the email.

"As someone who’s beaten Matt Bevin before [in court], I know what it takes to beat him at the ballot box this November.  As attorney general, I’ve faced off with Matt Bevin and won, but if we’re going to do it again I’ll need support from people like you."

Beshear added, "Bevin has put our Commonwealth on a destructive path, and his deep-pocketed friends are going to spend big money to help him finish the job.

"We can’t allow that -- that’s why I’m asking you to make a donation to help make Matt Bevin a one-term governor.

"We deserve a governor who ensures that each of us - no matter the county we live in - has access to affordable healthcare; who creates jobs that pay wages we can live on; and who knows that we must invest in our public schools if we want to create opportunities for our children. In fact, my commitment to public education in Kentucky is so strong that I named an assistant principal as my running mate. Jacqueline Coleman will be the first active educator in Frankfort since Martha Layne Collins, and her voice is sorely needed there.

"....I am confident that in November, Kentuckians will choose honor and decency over bullying and name calling. And I can't wait to go earn their votes in the coming months.

"The real work begins right now. Will you join me?"