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Kentucky’s proto-Trump is at it again.

Matt Bevin wants some of Andy Beshear’s Capitol office space, most likely because the outgoing attorney general wants all of the governor’s office space come Nov. 5.


AFT Local 1360

”As Election Day draws closer, this campaign just keeps building momentum!” brags a new fundraising email from the Andy Beshear for governor campaign.

Team Beshear backs up the boast in boldface: “Cook Political Report says the race is a toss-up, so everyone from our field staff to Andy’s former primary opponents have been working their tails off on the trail -- and it’s paying off.”


It is my sad duty to inform you of the unexpected passing Judge Rick Johnson of Symsonia, KY.

Rick was a great Appeals Court Judge and friend of Kentucky’s workers and unions.  Please check out Rick’s long and impressive bio via the link below containing arrangements.

In Solidarity, Bill.

The Kentucky State AFL-CIO Beshear-Coleman campaign has sent an email including  video from this morning of Andy Beshear at his first joint campaign appearance with Matt Bevin, where he called on the governor to immediately fire his labor secretary if he does not withdraw the subpoenas he sent to teachers, who were standing up for their retirement security and public education. 

It has been 18 months since the Republican Party pushed forward new tax policies that they claimed would usher in a new era of middle-class prosperity and corporate spending. That didn't happen.

From the Beshear-Coleman campaign

Andy Beshear is taking to social media to respond to the newsthat he "won a preliminary victory in his lawsuit against Gov. Matt Bevin's administration for its investigation into this year's teacher sickouts."

Thanks to Jeff Wiggins for sending us this story.

By Alexander Nazaryan.

WASHINGTON — The small western Kentucky town of Paducah loves Mitch McConnell. Even if progressives loathe McConnell for his ruthless effectiveness as master of the Senate, and even if plenty of his fellow Kentuckians disapprove of his performance, he can always find a warm embrace here on the banks of the Ohio River.