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Tune in on June 1 at 7pm for a virtual and LIVE discussion between United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) President Cecil Roberts and a Mine Wars Museum founding board member, Chuck Keeney, for Episode 2, Season 2 of Mine Wars Forum. Both President Roberts and Chuck Keeney are descendants of union organizers Bill Blizzard and Frank Keeney, both of which were legendary labor leaders during the Mine Wars era. 


What does the Republican party stand for?

This is the question I would have asked Sen. Rand Paul if I’d had the chance. But I did not get the chance.


PRO Act Builds It Back Better With Unions (Opinion)

The Wall Street Journal

By Richard Trumka

May 26, 2021


AFT Local 1360

“Few people think of unions or the plight of the working class when they think of Memorial Day,” Ahmed White wrote in Jacobin magazine four Memorial Days ago.

“But they should,” he added. That goes double for those of us who pack union cards.


AFT Local 1360

McConnell is survivalist and a chameleon. Actually , he is a political gecko, changing colors not just to blend in but also to catch prey. – David Hawpe, Kentucky Journalism Hall of Famer and former Louisville Courier-Journal editor.

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s head-snapping 180 on Jan. 6 and Donald Trump didn't surprise Bill Straub.